About the brand: Stone Island

Stone Island is an Italian Designer brand from Sportswear Company (SPW). The label was set as a secondary line or diffusion collection of his main C.P Company label. The brand specialized in surface treatment of fabrics and dyeing techniques.
A feature of a Stone Island garment is the compass patch that buttons onto the upper sleeve of the left arm. Originally the patches were green edged, badges from around the year 2000 onwards became black edged. Also, there are the rarer 'white badges' which were originally made on certain jackets for the millennium. The white badge is now apparent on jackets that use materials that Stone Island themselves in-house. Novel jacket designs include the "Liquid Reflective" jacket, that uses thousands of small shards of glass that reflect to light.
What is Stone Island’s DNA that makes it stand out from all other brands?
Stone Island is research, experimentation, function and use. It is a sportswear brand that carries on an ongoing investigation on the processing and ennobling of fibres and textiles, leading to discover materials and production techniques never used before in the clothing industry.
We test a lot on dyeing and treatments in the internal laboratory of colour. It is a department able to combine advanced technology, experience and human capacity and that has developed more than 60.000 different dyeing recipes throughout the years.
We study the uniform and the work wear. Our archive, with 20.000 pieces is as well a strong point of reference. I believe that the insatiable curiosity of sounding the present and the tension towards possible future scenarios that are the conditions for Stone Island’s continuous evolution.
From 1982, the DNA and the values have never changed. The continuity and integrity within the Stone Island story make the brand unique.


Stone Island Marina


Stone Island Marina was first introduced in the Spring-Summer collection of 1983, as a whole separate chapter to the main collection.

Stone Island Marina is heavily inspired to be worn at sea.

The collection was made to identify a specific series of garments: jackets, sweatshirts, cotton knitwears, jeans, t-shirts and polos, all with rubber logos.

For Autumn-Winter, Marina produced windbreakers with detachable down inner linings, PVC parkas, sweaters and knitwear in wool, shirts in heavy cotton and shoes in rubber and leather.

The main material of the Marina collection throughout the years has been Raso Gommato for the jackets and thick herringbone cotton for the knits, the reasearch behind Marina has roots deep in the Massimo Osti archives.


The sweatshirts received enormous success and are directly inspired by the nautical world, particularly the navy.

They have a rough look, and are made from screenprinting entire pieces of the fabric.

The shirts where designed with ample volumes, Massimo Osti used thick, dense cottons that had an unusual way of falling given by the insertion of a special opaque nylon (polyamide) thread.


The name Marina is not derived from any military connotations (in Italy ”Marina Militare” is the term for the Navy) but from marinas, the small anchoring ports which are beginning to be found across the Mediterranean.