C.P. Company - Urban Sportswear

C.P. Company was founded in Bologna, Italy in 1975 by Massimo Osti, the revolutionary designer internationally recognized as the “godfather of urban sportswear”. The brand immediately found favour amongst Italian intellectuals and artists thanks to its subtly non-conformist interpretation of the functional classics of the urban mans wardrobe.


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More about C.P. Company

C.P. Company - producing excellence with passion and personality
The quality, artisanal skill and the creative impulse of C.P. Company has always looked to the future, choosing the high technology and modernity, whilst keeping alive that involvement and unique, singular passion typical of a family-run business. 
C.P. Company's history of style, the future of trends
Being able to anticipate trends, having the great intuition and endless creativity to create stylish brands that will dress generations of men, women and children. The history of fgf industry is unique, authentic and stimulating, marked by fundamental phases not only in the entrepreneurial growth of C.P. Company but also in the history of fashion and italian sportswear itself.
 Research, a trend that never goes out of fashion
Within fgf industry, a team of expert collaborators works every day on important stylistic research, developing studies of fabrics and models, cuts and constructions. And it is a personal archive of over 20,000 items of clothing that continues to be a source of inspiration and authentic research for enzo fusco, a great follower of authentic military vintage, in the creation of his collections. Unique and incomparable clothing distinguished by fine finishes, special washes and exclusively produced fabrics. The result: pure experimentation, unchanged sartorial excellence.