The tale of Barbours long and glorious history starts in 1894 when Mr. John Barbour decides to open his own shop called J Barbour & Sons. in South Shields, near Newcastle in North England.
Today Barbour is known all over the world, not only for delivering a full range of country attire but also for being among the very few clothing brands to hold all three royal warrants from HM Queen Elizabeth II, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and HRH The prince of Wales.


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Iconic Barbour pieces

Among Barbour’s many iconic waxed jackets, we believe the Classic Beaufort is the number one jacket. It is one of them classic waxed country jackets that Barbour is so well known for. The waterproof fabric is made of a durable 6oz cotton and waxed with a very special wax called sylkoil. You can even re-wax your coat after some time, if you want it to keep performing against rainy conditions.
The Classic Beaufort has a corduroy collar and a removable hood. And like almost any of Barbour’s jackets it comes with the original Barbour Tartan check lining. Barbour delivers a full lifestyle collection for both men and ladies, and even children. They specialize in many fabrics such as waxed cotton, wool, leather and produce a wide range of breathable and technical garments.